Hello All,

Welcome to our website “Thai-Bahais.org“. This is an individual initiative by a Baha’i couple living in Bangkok, Thailand. For the official Baha’i website of National Spiritual Assembly of Baha’is of Thailand, please visit:


The story of “Thai-Bahais.org” goes back to 1996 when this domain name was registered and the services of a web-hosting company (located in U.S.A.) was acquired to host a simple HTML based website to introduce some basics features of Baha’i Faith in Thai and English to visitors of the site. Also a mailing list was created called Thai-Bahais (news@thai-bahais.org) to share the news and views among Baha’is of Thailand and beyond. Both the website and the mailing list have served the community for many years.

The web technology has improved a lot since 1996. We decided to update the website using WordPress and HTML5. We started working on this new version of the website since early 2013 and it is still a work in progress. We also decided to improve the contents of the website and provide more information about Baha’i Faith in Thai, and also to provide many provisional translations of Baha’i Holy Scriptures in Thai for online access. We also try our best to provide more audio/visual media available online for public use.